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"Art isn't meant to be cookie-cutter or antiseptically aesthetic. It's sweaty. It's growling. It's lip-snarling. It's woman and man. It's man and woman. It's duos and trios. It's arithmetic of arousal. It's even that emotional intensity of Antonio Canova's Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss. It's that ageless strut of Jagger and kinetic connections of Richards. It's the thematic kaleidoscope of David Bailey. It's the lightness of a peacock's feather. It's the heft of a hazelnut-bourbon brownie. It's the liberating lines of Marley's Rasta and Fania's pulsating beats. It’s a howl of release. It's the syncopation of soft hips that sway. It's a python constrained beneath denim. It's the vagina of Vanessa and penis of Paul. It's the flowering of freedom, which blossoms with exposure to mature audiences. It's the cool breeze that blows between perfumed thighs in the afterglow. It's the simplicity of the Garden of Eden.” – A.H. Scott

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Please feel free to download a pdf copy of my directory "Keeping Up With A.H. Scott – The Directory" , located here.

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