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Caught In The Moment: Opus

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  Way back in the 70's, events were wild. Nothing was off the table for rock and roll Gods. A pair of which enjoyed many a lovely lass. Even as an event of 1974 was about to come soon to pass, it made an impression on all which would forever last.
Rock and Roll is dependent upon four things. One is talent. Two is luck. Three is ambition. Fourth is inspiration.
Sometimes a rock and roll fantasy can come out of the blue. And, that's what happens to a waitress in a California diner. What she thought was just another boring night working in a greasy spoon, turned to be one she would soon never forget.
Let the rhythm move your soul..
Ambrosial Melody - Smashwords
Ambrosial Melody - Itunes
Ambrosial Melody - Barnes & Noble


  Chocolate and vanilla are oh so sweet. For a lucky lady, she enjoyed mixing and swirling amongst this tempting treat.
"Carol's Tuxedo" is the tale of a sexy siren who found her lack of attire the key to attracting the opposite sex.
An afternoon delight takes flight, as a woman finds exactly what she's looking for.
Carol is quite naughty. Some would say even bawdy. But, that's what's makes her lunch mates ever so happy and drained. "Carol's Tuxedo" takes a tryst to a molten level. Come and burn with sexy Carol and her two playmates...
Carol's Tuxedo
Carol's Tuxedo - Itunes
Carol's Tuxedo - Barnes & Noble




A capable assistant has untapped capabilities, as a man with writer's block finds out in "The Temp". Brenda is a helpful woman, who knows the power of inspiration. And she gives Thomas just the right stroke for his ego.
During a weekend together, Thomas recaptures his lost flow of words and desire. Brenda is an invaluable asset as "The Temp".
This lady can bring out the pearl from any man's oyster...
The Temp
The Temp - ITunes
The Temp - Barnes & Noble


  "The K.O.'d Chronicles: Fun With Food" will be the first in a series of adventures of a young couple. Kelly and Oscar go shopping for a snack and they end up a part of a smörgåsbord of sexual decadence. Who knew that stopping by a grocery store would lead to truly satisfying all cravings.
"Fun With Food" proves once again, that a healthy appetite is good for the soul.
And, to think it all began with a pickle...
The K.O'd Chronicles: Fun With Food


  From author A.H. Scott comes a flirty, contemporary romance, titled "A Special 24 Hours".
A hotel room in New York City is the playground for shapely Rebecca and her visiting playmate from across the Atlantic.
Some people don't need decades to find romance that changes their lives.
You don't need a lifetime to find romance..
A Special 24 Hours




When night falls upon the city of Manhattan, the balances of power shifts from boss to employee. And, that's when the real fun begins. "Mirror Moon" reveals the reflection of restrained desire that is held at bay during the daylight and freed beneath moonlight. Joanna and Douglas seem the picture of conservative politeness during their workdays. After the office shuts down, this desirous duo really gets down.
You think your job is hard. Well, it's not as hard another type of job done in the darkness of night.
Mirror Moon


Tanya was spoiled. She always got her way. Well, that was until a certain day. Her father's ranch help was treated like the horses they were charged to take care of. Larry the stable hand had other ideas to handle Tanya, as she would quickly find out.
Brunette brat learns some lessons that aren't taught in the expensive boarding school she went went. "Breaking In" is A.H. Scott's scandalous story of what happens when the tables of status are switched.
Being on top isn't all it's cracked up to be. And, a riding crop in hand is worth a million in the bank....
Breaking In


  Household Help Is So Hard To Find. Paulette enjoyed the skills of her household help.
A.H. Scott unwraps "The Gardener". A tale of a lady of the manor, who has her own way of dealing with the help....
The Gardener


At the Comfort Cafe, it's always service with a smile.John and his lady friend, Pamela, grab more than just a bite at this saucy spot.
A.H. Scott delivers a slice of spice for your dining pleasure..
The Lusty Ladies


  A perky trainee has caught the eye of an iron-fisted Sergeant. She's eager to learn. He's eager to lead her.
Bubbly Katie Pillowes was the most unlikely member of the Army. Soft, sexy and under 25-years old, Pillowes lived up to her pillowy last name. Drill Sergeant Thomas Jagger relished his position in having a hands on training of those beneath him. The chain of command was firmly connected to a leash in this man's hand.
Author A.H. Scott opens thighs and minds wide in "Drilled For Defense". Drilled For Defense


  Searching For The Right Tool For Every Job!
Rebecca had a knack for pairing a customer with the right tool. Yet, when she met Jack, she became the one who got nailed.
"The Hardware Store" is a sexy tale from author A.H. Scott. The Hardware Store


"Parchment Of Passion: Helaine's Diary" is the first in a series of erotic encounters from the pen of A.H. Scott.
Helaine gives us all a peek inside of her erotic encounter with Alberto.. Parchment Of Passion: Helaine's Diary



In second of the diary series, "Parchment Of Passion", Argenia is a woman who takes charge over her lover, Peter. She reveals that power can come from deeper than the flesh.
Argenia and Peter had met each other at a party a few years ago in Copenhagen. He had longed for a certain fantasy to be fulfilled. Yet, he was ashamed to tell any of his previous girlfriends. Argenia was a woman who knew the delicious temptation of making men's dreams come true. No matter what their fetish was.
For Peter, he'd found the right twist to do the certain job he was calling for. As for Argenia, she obliged in ways that made even her blush...
Parchment Of Passion: Argenia's Ascent



Can a man of theory, formula and logic, also be a man of unbound lust?
The answer is yes.
A.H. Scott whips up an elixir of ecstasy for your pleasure. The Scientist



A Woman Explores The Most Elusive Being She's Ever Known – Herself. A Night Less Lonely



The Thong Snap: Tanned Thighs & Twisted Lies is an erotic essay from author A.H. Scott. It deals with the public and media's fascination with a once private matter - infidelity. The Thong Snap: Tanned Thighs & Twisted Lies



Fashion is a statement and reflection of one's independence from the restraints of what society deems worthy of acceptance.
A.H. Scott takes "Tom Ford Stole My Training Wheels" out of the box of boredom.
Ford is a thief to tedium. Once you become acquainted with him, you'll never be the same ever again. Tom Ford Stole My Training Wheels



A.H. Scott opens her palms and reveals "Homecoming".
Desire isn't only for the young. A couple reconnects in the most unexpected way. Gravity isn't a curse. It's a physical manifestation that makes us all remember our lusty past. Skin may lose its resistance to life's hourglass. But, maturity may be the succulent revenge that youth can never override. Memories are magical. And, for that, no push up bra is ever needed. Homecoming



Eating the rich, takes things for a naughty switch.
A wife’s pleasant surprise for her husband has unexpected reactions from both of them.
Jane had been planning something interesting for Henry’s return from a long business trip. He’d given Jane a quite comfortable life and she would do anything to bring a smile to his face.
“The Dinner Date" shows what happens when homeowners and those who work for them dine together.
A.H. Scott invites you to feast on fantasy. The Dinner Date



A Queen and King toast their love.
Queen Emily wanted to show King Valentin the rainbow of her love & devotion to him.
An encounter at midnight between this royal pair brings a King to his knees and Queen onto a pedestal of eternal ecstasy.
The sweetest kiss is the one of an open heart.
A.H. Scott pours the elixir of “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine”. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine



Just when Sarah thought life had passed her by, a seductive stranger showed this woman her true worth. Sometimes we find ourselves, while being lost in another's eyes. The dance begins. The whispers of joy engulf two souls. This is the tale of "Stroking Sahara".
Sarah had always been a spectator in her own life.
That excitement she always longed for seemed as elusive as an aromatic inhalation of luxurious lilies in a sandstorm along life's smoldering beach. Fire and desire was always within her grasp. Yet, she never truly looked at the power she held within her.
But, he did.
Stroking Sahara


The Lissette Saga.....

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