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The Artistry Of A.H. Scott

"Art isn't for the meek. It's for the renegade within" - A.H. Scott

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Have a nice day and let the designs of A.H. Scott bring a smile to your face and mindful thought to your soul.

About A.H. Scott:

A.H. Scott is a New York City based artist.

My art is just an extension of the passion I feel for living. Every day alive can bring something new into your heart and soul. Art can change the world. Either through words or images. Sometimes, a mixture of both can get a person to think and ponder the larger meaning of being beyond just the skin which we all live within. It could be something as simple as a single tear on a beach. Or, as enormous as the universe beyond the stars. It all depends on where you sit in your own psyche. All styles and variances of artwork has always interested me, for it exudes the exuberance of life through the kaleidoscopic lens of vivid brilliance. Or, sometimes it's just taking a few snaps of my camera and waiting to see what comes of it.

Thank you so much for visiting my page and feel free to take a look around for further offerings from my site. I hope you enjoy getting to know A.H. Scott.

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Pillowpalooza Collection Throw Pillow
Pillowpalooza Collection Throw Pillow
by E_V_Emporium