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Words To Explore: The Writings Of A.H. Scott - COLLABORATIONS: TONY WARD STUDIO


A few words about the phenomenal Tony Ward from yours truly, A.H. Scott:

"Darkroom develops art which is timeless. Even when flesh and bone become ash, it reflects on who Tony Ward is. Rebel yell is serenity's bliss. Got many years of living to go. Man of many talents has miles of teaching and observing the human flow. Those small minds may wonder if the old man can keep up. When Mr. Ward whips out that big lens of his, he shuts the nonbelievers up..." - A.H. Scott

(a bit more about Tony Ward.)

Legendary lion of the lens Tony Ward and provocatress of prose A.H. Scott have teamed up in a revelatory collaboration of image and words.

Just tap my name A.H. Scott in the search box and peruse some of my poetry at TonyWardStudio

*@TWS, there's always something percolatin'*

Check out a special feature I've penned EXCLUSIVELY for Tony Ward Studio about New York Fashion Week, titled, "Taking Her Shot: Through The Lens Of Carrie M." @ TWS


Set your eyes upon the Wonders of Ward - Tony Ward. When he picks up that camera and sets his focus in sync, it's never placid but a percolation of passion that always taps the pulse. If you think you've seen it all, I've got something that will make you rethink the possibilities of passion, fashion, art and distinctive distraction.
If you want the antidote to all which is coquettish, I suggest you pick up Tony Ward's Fashion Fetish. What to get the person that has it all? Bobbles, bangles, or bright, shiny beads? Or, maybe something that has a certain accelerating purr under the hood? But, then again, curling up with a good book can satisfy a mood.
And, as the person who is inside this book, my advice to you is to get your hands on it and take a good, long and most definitely lingering look.
**Available now at Tony Ward Studio Online Store: Tony Ward Store

Here's just a nibble of what I've got going on inside of Tony Ward's revolutionary realm:

Funeral In White Lace
Stain Of Indifference
Liberty Ain't Through With Us Yet
How Much For A Spank
Fairy Tales & Four Years
Threaded By Choice

Taking Her Shot: Through The Lens Of Carrie M.

See what develops in A.H. Scott's artist profile of Carrie M. in "Taking Her Shot: Through The Lens of Carrie M.".

A Tony Ward Studio Exclusive!!

On the streets of New York, magic comes in a snap!

Tony Ward Studio Feature - Taking Her Shot: Through The Lens Of Carrie M.

Do Right, Woman!: A Travesty In Two Acts
He is what HE is!

But, what are WE?
Immersed beneath the crimson fog of debasements spotlight, an apathetic audience sits as characters of willful captivity take their places upon a fractured stage of society.
This is Do Right, Woman! - A Travesty In Two Acts, an A.H. Scott Cultural Vision.
Take a peek at this exclusive performance for yourself at
Act One
Act Two

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