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Words To Explore: The Writings Of A.H. Scott - REVIEWS

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Review - GREAT RIDE!
"Prepare to go on a rollercoaster ride!! This is a page turner that keeps you guessing. I experienced lust, anger, rage, sadness, and happiness all in one book. Angie, as good as her intentions are, gets into a sticky situation to help her husband. She begins to enjoy it because her marriage is in a rut. Then it goes down hill; I was pulling for her most of the book. I do not think I could have been so forgiving to the man who passed me around. I don't want to spoil it so If you want a book with heat , and a good story line this is it!" - REVIEWING VIXENS

Jamie (Amazon Kindle Reviewer)

Review - This story is amazing! We start off by Sangre, a beautiful woman who is in the arms of Brian. He holds her close to him, and she is the slightest bit nervous. Sangre is pure and has never been with a man, and Brian will be her first. They make love for her very first time and it is everything she had expected and more. They fall asleep and before he waked up, she is gone...

Sangre goes home and tell Valeria, her caretaker all about the night she had. Sangre knows she must leave, she knows she could never be with Brian, because she is an immortal.. Brian wakes up and sees that Sangre is gone, and there are spots on his sheets and his hands have rust like color on them as well. He doesn't know where Sangre has gone, or if she is hurt, but what he does know is she has stolen his heart and will not stop until he finds her...

This sensual tale has all the right elements one could ask for. The story has a great flow, the characters are vivid and you cannot help but fall in love with them, their pain and love for each other. I loved every elegant word and I highly recommend it. A nice little gem to add to your collection... - Jamie (Amazon Kindle Reviewer)

Drue's Random Chatters Reviews - "Jennifer"

Review - I have read other books from this author and I love the way the books are written. They are written as a poem and it is such a refreshing difference than the way books are normally written.

This book is about a girl by the name of Jennifer who was at a hotel because of an unexpected layover during a business trip. Before she went to that hotel, she ran into a guy (Teddy) at the airport that she met at a bakery back in her home town. They would talk about nothing of importance and they even worked at the same building but different floors. Jennifer was not a skinny girl, she was chubby and awkward and never thought in a million years she would ever find a guy who could love her as the way she looked. Not many guys like girls that are overweight, most of the girls are made fun of and called names. While at this airport, Teddy made an invite to Jennifer to meet at his hotel room and Jennifer excepted without really expecting anything except a one nighter and she was fine with that.

This story teaches about how there are men out there that are attracted to chubby girls. They don't go by what is on the outside but what is on the inside. Teddy made Jennifer feel so special that one night. He made her feel like she was someone special and that she forgot how she looked for a little bit. There needs to be more guys like Teddy that look past what the weight is of a girl and want to get to know how she is on the inside. Teddy is one of a kind. He really wanted Jennifer for more than just friends. But Jennifer needed a little encouragement to realize the truth. - Drue's Random Chatters Reviews

Drue's Random Chatters Reviews - "Homecoming"
Review - This isn't the first story I have read by this author and just like the other ones I love this one also. A story told in poem form and this one is such a beautiful story that I read it twice.

Two people who graduated together and after graduation both went their separate ways until one day on a busy street they almost pass each other and realize they know each other from years gone by.

In today's world, we meet plenty of people and most go on to different paths than ours and we never really see or hear from them again. I love how these two star crossed lovers found each other once again and even on a busy street. Each had their own lives but wanted one last chance to feel the past once again.

Beautifully done and the words made me feel different feelings as the story went on being told.

I am a fan of A.H. Scott and will read more from this very talented author if the chance is given to me again. - Drue's Random Chatters Reviews

Drue's Random Chatters Reviews - "In Sophia's Eyes"

Review - This is the first book that I have read that was done in a poem like story. It's a love story between two people by the name of Sophia and Dale.

It starts out how Sophia meets Dale and how she loved the way people look at them while they are walking down the street. They met at ballroom dancing lessons. Moved in together after only seven dates. When you know it's right why waste time, just move forward.

Sophia planned a sexy evening for Dale. She cooked a delicious meal while wearing a very sexy outfit. Sophia was hoping for Dale to unwrap her for dessert.

The story tells how the night progress's with Dale and Sophia loving each other. The way the author describes the scene between these two makes me smile. You can feel the love between these two special people who just happen to take the same dancing class. They found each other in this huge world where some people can't find anyone to love them for who they are not what they are. The last line in the book made me smile and think about the entire story over and over again. Some people would wonder how this love match could possibly work between these two. But if it's meant to be, then it will work and it's always worth putting all your effort into something that makes you happy.

The last line was "For Sophia was a woman. And, as for Dale, so was she. It doesn't matter who is what sex to me. Everybody deserves love and just because they may be different does not mean they are not worth the effort or time. Dale and Sophia make each other happy and that is what counts, in a world that happiness is not always found. Love each other Dale and Sophia because this girl is in your corner. - Drue's Random Chatters Reviews

Drue's Random Chatters Review - "The Chimes Of Nine"

Review - This is the second book I have read by this author. The more I read by this author the more I love the writing.

Helen received a silver invitation to an exclusive club that deals in the aspect of sex and making the recipients of the special invitation getting a night they will never forget.

Not only is this story erotic and so very sexy but it does give you a place to lose yourself in and pretend that maybe you could be that woman who was special enough to receive that silver invitation. Silver invitation means you are in for the ride of a lifetime and you nor your body will ever forget. So very sexual.

I am hooked on A.H. Scott's writing and can't wait to read another one.

To have a mind that can open up a whole new world on paper and make the reader experience exactly what Helen was feeling in every aspect is what I look for in the books I read and this is one that I will not forget. - Drue's Random Chatters Reviews

Drue's Random Chatter Reviews - "His Sweet Tooth: Baker's Dozen"

Review - This is around the 4th book I have read from this particular author and I didn't like this book like the others. Written as a poem instead of the normal way books are written. A.H. Scott is not afraid to be different and I for one love this kind of different.

Keith got a promotion at his job and since he worked hard to get this promotion it was time to celebrate and one thing really got Keith pumped and that was girls. The more girls the merrier.

Keith is one very sexually excited guy. When he gets home, there are 13 woman all waiting for him along the banner of the stairs that lead upstairs.

I know that poems are written in different ways but I didn't like this one as well because of the way Keith is portrayed. I know it is a poem and it's written for a particular kind of audience but this time I wasn't that kind. Not that I don't like books about sex but I just couldn't get into this one. This is my opinion and it may not be yours, so give the book a chance and decide for yourself. - Drue's Random Chatters Reviews

A Delilah Archer Mystery: The Case Of The Cheeky Co-Ed" - Robert G. Gibson

Review - This short story pulled me in from beginning to end. I loved the story .... man it was seriously intense.

Great read. - Robert G. Gibson

Naomi Shaw - "In Sophia's Eyes"

Review -

Review by: Naomi Shaw on Aug. 12, 2012 :

I have just finished reading Sophia’s eyes. What struck me about this story was how romantic it is, with a touch of the erotic to spice it up. Right from a very different beginning to the norm, the two main characters, Sophia and Dale obviously fall very much in love and the author portrays this perfectly.

Drawn into the romance I had to read on to find out what happens in the next sentence.

Don’t be fooled though. A H Scott invariably leaves you thinking, ‘why didn’t I spot that? It’s the mark of a very clever writer. Well done! - Naomi Shaw

L. Neal (Goodreads Review) - "Jennifer" Review - L. Neal - (rated it really liked it)

Very sensual romance full of sweet tenderness. A. H. Scott reveals that every woman is desirable, it just takes the right man to see that. - L. Neal (Goodreads Review)

- The Book Junkie Reads (Goodreads Review) - "A Night Less Lonely"

Review - Open this to find more than a quickie read. There is depth to the translation of feeling from one POV to her's. Scott takes you on a very sensual ride and exploration of one poem and how she relates. -The Book Junkie Reads (Goodreads Review)


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